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Amsterdam is weed, tulips, bikes and canals. In Amsterdam the bikes come from everywhere, so if you are not used to it to walk or bike in Amsterdam, BEWARE 🙂 The coffeeshops in Amsterdam are famous all over the world. Celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Samuel L. Jackson….they all know to find their way to the coffeeshop to have a smoke. Don’t be surprised if you see out of the blue a famous star walking by (or biking of course, like Snoop :).

Coffeeshop Tour Amsterdam

Come let us show you the best coffeeshop(s) of Amsterdam. We can offer you a tour on a bike, by boat or walking. All with it’s own specific elements. We know where the celebrities go, we can show you a real weed garden, we tell you about the history of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam etc. During the tour we also show you and tell you  some real cool “nice to knows” about some real Amsterdam people , famous all over the world. Come with us and book now, an unforgettable experience!!

– 3 hour biking best coffeeshops tour (max 10 people)
– 2 hour boattour (max 10 people)
– 3 hour walking downtown (max 10 people)

Walking: € 17,95

Bike: € 24,95

Boat: € 399,-

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What is the plan?

We offer you three different coffeeshoptours in Amsterdam, all with different elements. Check out what fits you best, ok? You can book as a group, but also as an individual or as a couple. Walking, biking, by boat with your  own captain. It’s all possible. We inform you about the history of decriminalization, where do the celebrities go,  who are the Highlife Cup winners, see a real life weed garden, and much more for an unforgettable experience. Let us take you on a ride in our beautiful city of weed, bikes, tulips and canals… Amsterdam.

Click on the boat, bike or walking images, and check the highlights of these specific tours.

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